Last Out

Make Plain

  • Release 2020

Track List

“Last Out”, an English expression which means to survive, is the new single by Andrea and Luca from Make Plain. Andrea has spent the last six years studying music at the Hemu Jazz (Haute École de musique) in Lausanne. In the song LAST OUT he describes moments of this phase of his life that have particularly affected him. Andrea says:  “The moment I realized that I was living my experiences in a disconnected way and consequently I was struggling to find the right intensity to face the days, this song was born. I realized how important it is to recognize the line of alert, the crucial point that triggers the need to react”.
After the rocking song “Leaf” we get to hear more folk and softer melodies again with the new single. What remains is the intense musical experience of guitars, piano, bass, drums and the distinctive vocals.


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